Xin chào!

experience traditional Vietnamese cuisine in Austria

“In the herbs lies the spies!”

Dear guests,
we kindly ask you to follow the 2G-regulations during your stay:
– certificate of vaccination or recovery and an ID-card will be checked without exceptions
– FFP2-masks are to be worn in the whole guest area except for when seated
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Your NGÔ’s kitchen team

Traditional Vietnamese cuisine

Wir kochen traditionelle vietnamesische Speisen & legen viel wert auf frisches Gemüse und Fleisch aus der Region.


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Vietnamese cuisine is very diverse and varies a little from region to region. We offer North Vietnamese cuisine which stands out for its lightness. Our dishes are not very seasoned, but therefore contains a lot of vegetables and herbs.
Because our motto is: “In the herbs lies the spies!”


Our dishes

Quality ingredients, delicious food!

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

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Our dishes are only prepared with high-quality ingredients and of course we strive to use regional and seasonal products. We go shopping several times a week at the farmer’s market and we choose only the best of the best!

Freshness you can taste!

We recommend

“phở bò”

A traditional noodle soup of the Vietnamese cuisine. The strong and clear beef broth is boiled for hours with beef bones and spices. It is traditionally served with flat rice-ribbon noodles (phở), wafer-thin beef and various herbs.

“tôm chiên côm” 

These deep-fried king prawns in green sticky rice batter are a typical speciality in North Vietnam. It stands out particularly because of the green, young-harvested rice flakes. The green rice flakes have a slight taste of lotus due to the wrapping in lotus leaves (so that it does not dry out).

“miến gà”

This power-soup fills you up and is healthy. Perfect for cold winter days or when you have a flu. The noodle soup consists of a clear aromatic chicken broth, served with glass noodles (which are made from mung beans). It is also served with tender chicken breast fillet and shiitake and morels.

“chè chuối” – 

A particular speciality is the Vietnamese “chè”, which is a coconut cream that has a pudding-like consistancy.
The banana pudding is one of the most popular chè’s in Vietnam. It consists only of tapioca pearls (made from the cassava root), coconut milk and bananas. Peanuts are added on top!

3-course lunch menus at 9.00

We offer a varied lunch menu and pay attention to serve you nutritious dishes. So that you are full of energy for the rest of your day.
With every lunch menu we serve a starter and a small dessert of the day.

Since January 1st, 2022 our lunch menus can no longer be ordered to take away!

For starters there is: soup of the day
The following main courses are available:

Rice noodle salad with patties

Warm served rice noodle salad with minced patties made out of shrimps and chicken, herbs, roasted onions, peanuts and fish sauce.

Vegetables of the season

Stir-fried broccoli, zucchini, carrots, Chinese cabbage, pak choi, bean sprouts and onions. Served with rice.

Egg-fried rice with vegetables

Egg-fried rice with peas, sweetcorn, zucchini, carrots, bean sprouts, egg and roasted onions.

Wheat noodles with chicken

Fried wheat noodles with chicken, zucchini, broccoli, carrots, pak choi, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts and onions.

Rice-Bowl with tofu

Rice salad bowl with tofu, salad, egg, pickled vegetables, fish sauce, peanut and sesame.

All our dishes can also be ordered in advance by phone for pick-up.
If you have any allergies, please ask one of our employees!

All prices are in Euro and include VAT. Subject to change and errors.